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Saturday, 03 December 2011

Wonder-weird: Innovative plastic bag storage

People do weird things. People do wonderful things. When these two collide the result is often a character quirk that deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. One such quirkster is my cousin's wife, Pip Loader who is very particular about how her plastic bags are stored. Here's a step-by-step guide to how she deals with a messy plastic bag drawer.

Plastic1  Plastic2

Lay the bag flat, smooth it out and then fold it in half.

Plastic3  Plastic4

Fold it in half again and then turn over the top corner to create a triangle.

Plastic5  Plastic6

Keep folding it down and then tuck in the corners.


Repeat process with every bag in your household. If you have obsessive compulsive tendancies you will really get off on this wonder-weird folding technique. Who knew you could find efficient, geometric satisfaction in a plastic bag?

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11% Walk the High Line:
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