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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

South Island of New Zealand

Here are a few of my fave instagram pics from my recent roadtrip in the South Island of New Zealand.  We left Dunedin, cruised around the Catlins and down to Stewart and Ulva Island. More stories to follow...


Meg had a makeover, and to celebrate we hit the road from Dunback to Dunedin. NZ turned on the sunshine and the head wind, will sleep well tonight.

Hello Otago!

Hello Cromwell, Otago! This is damn fine wine country.


Kaka point, our first stop on the South Island road trip,

NZ is like that pretty girl you love to hate, she looks breathtaking from every angle, even when she's frowning, dark and moody.



On my way to Cannibal Bay on the bike, crazy windy but stunning scenery. Haven't spotted any hobbits yet!

 Purakuranui Falls

Purakaunui falls, stunning huh?! 


 Stunning southland, like a postcard in every direction.



The morning view from our accommodation at Ringaringa beach on Stewart Island. How kiwi is that?


Stewart island weka foraging in the washed up seaweed.


This little guy followed me all over Ulva island


Rope swing on an island paradise.


Somewhere over the rainbow apparently leads to a pot of oysters and a fishing boat at Stewart island

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11% Be a NYC detective for a day: 
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13% Explore the City Hall Subway Station: 
Abandoned & hidden from the public for 60 years
12% Flying trapeze class:
Hone her circus skills learning how to fly on a trapeze 
30% NZ Flag + Statue of Liberty:
Bodypaint the NZ flag on her body and go up the Statue of Liberty
2% Go to Queens and find a 'Nanny' sound-alike:
Video someone with the nanny accent saying "noo Zealand, i love that place"
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