Indiana June is the main character in a real-life Pick-A-Path Adventure story. She is cycling the globe and letting people vote to decide what she does next. Her fate is in your hands so get voting to choose how the story unfolds. Read more…

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Indiana June is so much bigger than one person, dozens of people have breathed life, time and energy into this project and it would still be an idea scribbled in a notebook if it wasn't for all of you.


  • Shane Parker
  • Lena Tisdall
  • Sorcha Peirce
  • Darren Robbie
  • Cheryl Tansey
  • Roz Tansey
  • Kate Parker
  • Ceedee Doyle
  • Janet Arnold
  • Chris Thorpe
Event Junkies Ross Killeen did a top job editing the Where is Indiana June? teaser video.
Webconception My clever-cuz Trevor deserves a medal for building an incredible website and putting up with the most demanding client ever!
Simon Martin Simon traipsed around Dublin to capture some great promo shots for Indiana June
Dave Sexton Dave braved early starts to film the Where is Indiana June? teaser video.
Spin 11 Kindly produced Indiana June's custom-designed cycle jerseys.
Boxerchips Indiana June's official chip sponsor... sweet, I mean salty!
Coffee Together Leo and Daria, thanks for the delicious coffee and support from day one.
Outsider Magazine The wonderful Vanessa, Roisin and Nadia who put together Ireland's most adventurous magazine.
Le cool Dublin Thanks for the kind words Ciaran and Michael
The Travelling Two Cheers to Friedel, the inspirational cycle-tour blogger.
Dublin City Soul Festival Courageous Chris helped me believe a project like this is possible.
Brendon Livingstone Helped me understand how simple ideas can be shared online.
Greg Hennigan

Fellow traveller and couchsurfer extraordinaire. Paul organises NZ cycle tours and helped plan my NZ cycle route.
Icebreaker Icebreaker have kitted me out in comfy, stylish merino cycle clothing.
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Wednesday, 17 December

Indiana June – OutTrippin: Over and out

Indiana June - real life pick a path adventurer I write a lot of blog posts. Hell, I do it for a living but this one has been particularly tough. There is no easy way to say it so here goes ... This marks 'The End' of the Indiana June pick-a... read more.

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