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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Who's the Argentinian New Girl? It's Indy

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Buenos Aires : Argentina (At an awesome ad agency)

Suggested By: Rachel Henderson in Saratoga
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Wellington : New Zealand (to look for sponsorship)

Suggested By: Most of New Zealand
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I love living in Buenos Aires but sometimes I need a break from the madness of a place that feels like Spain - but with half the rules and twice the graffiti. When I have one of these overwhelming moments I often take a break by watching an American sitcom online.

Maybe there is subliminal messaging at work but the really weird thing is that without realising it, I have become the main character in one of the shows I watch.

In American The new girl, Zooey Deschnael moves in with three guys, Nick, Schmidt and coach, gate-crashing their man-cave but bringing a bit of girly sunshine to their lives.

New Girlintertitle

In Argentinan 'The new girl', Indiana June moves in with three guys, Nick, Kunal and Maxi, gate-crashing their man-cave but bringing a bit of girly sunshine to their lives.  

American new girl's best friend is gorgeous, street-smart Cece who keeps her grounded, eats chocolate in pajamas and laughs and cries when needed. Argentinian new girl has Ruth, a woman she met in the street who has since become her gorgeous street-smart friend who sits in pajamas, eats chocolate, drinks red wine and laughs and crys when necessary.


Rather than my current situation being unique, I'm sure a lot of people in their late 20s and early 30s identify with these characters. Most of our parents got shacked-up young and went straight from living with their parents to becoming parents.

Our generation seems to be stretching the space between adolescence and responsible adulthood as far as the rubber band will go, knowing that when it snaps there is no going back.

The four of us in my new apartment don't know each other very well but through Asado Argentinian BBQs and bus driver drinking games, in just 3 weeks we have become instant family. This is one of the joys of travelling and living in different cities, where my extended 'family' just keeps growing.


The knock-on effect of having a new inner circle is that I meet all of their friends and their friend's friends. Last night we went to a hackers meetup with speakers from amazing internet startups, today Kunal and I are visiting Chinatown in search of spicy chilli, tonight we go to a pop-up dinner party with strangers and tomorrow I am cycling 65km with Maxi to explore little towns outside of BA.

The spice of my life is directly influenced by the variety of people I keep around me.

Maybe I am not doing things in the normal order and timeframe but my extended family keeps growing and growing. Another show I have become quite fond of is Modern Family, an entertaining reminder that I doesn't matter what shape your family unit takes, only that it works.

I am sure there will come a time when I want 3 kids and a husband, maybe when that day comes around I will start watching the Simpsons.

Which sitcom does your 'family' most resemble? Cosby show, Two and a half men, Seinfeld … or something else?

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30% NZ Flag + Statue of Liberty:
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2% Go to Queens and find a 'Nanny' sound-alike:
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