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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Taganga: Coconuts & the Carribbean

Ever wondered how long it takes for a coconut to float from the Carribbean to the coast of Ireland?


Approximately 15-16 months, considerably longer than the 5-6 months it took Indiana June to do the journey in reverse. So I figure if I set a few coconuts free while I'm here they should be ready for beach cocktails in Kerry about summer 2013.


After my roadside melt down, I was voted to go trekking in Colombia then cycling in Ecuador. That meant returning to Buenos Aires for two nights before flying BA-Lima-Bogota-Santa Marta. I booked through Orbitz which I don't recommend - on screen it looked like all flights were with LAN but when I checked in I was travelling on different services which required me to collect my luggage and gigantic bike bag and go through the whole security, check in process again each time. I reinforced my bike bag with cardboard from a bike box which gave it more rigidity but I was nervous that when I asked for FRAGILE stickers at EZE airport they told me they didn't exisit.

I sat next to a 10 year old girl who was a carbon copy of her mother. We argued for the arm rest but she was relentless, not letting my larger, older elbow have the advantage. Weirdly, just before landing they announced they were going to spray us with an insecticide that was not harmful - well that's good news. I had visions of noxious gas being pumped into the cabin until we all stopping wriggling like headless worms, I held my breath for a good 30 seconds but everyone seemed ok so I breathed in and to be honest, I couldn't even smell it.


I arrived at my hostel in Taganga about 11pm and after being awake for almost 24 hours I thought I was seeing things when my friends Jules, Danica and Kara surprised me. (I thought they were meant to arrive the following day.) We had a great night catching up and took a moonlit walk down to the beach where a group of people were playing music and having a sing-a-long. Star gazing and sipping on a Colombia Gold cerveza, I felt a world away from the madness of big city BA.

We're staying in the little fishing village, Taganga on the Carribbean coast for 4 nights and then we are doing a 5 day trek to Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City).

Here's a little video I made the following day, while sitting on the beach at Taganga:

Screen Shot 2012-01-20 At 19.33.20

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