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Monday, 02 April 2012

Walking on water: Sydney Harbour

While in Sydney, Australia what should Indiana June do?
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Go fishing on a standup paddle board in Sydney harbour
With Seb, famous for his quest to achieve the 100 things on his bucket-list:

Suggested By: Tania Sherley and Sharne Tucker
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Go to a rugby league match and learn how to properly throw a footy
With a professional Sydney Rugby League player

Suggested By: Claire Maxted and Emily Seaman
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20120401_indianajune _IMG_0053

I should really start reading the challenges I'm set before I get people voting on them.

It's come back to haunt me lately, first with the Lombard Street, San Francisco cycle challenge. Who knew the steepest and crookedest street was single laned, one-way down hill and I had to cycle UP it?!

The latest silliness involves a paddle board and a fishing rod. I regularly fall off the curb so balance isn't one of my strong points. Thankfully I'm blessed with the naïve belief that anything I try I'll be really good at, first time, without paying too much attention to instructions. This attitude has resulted in golf club throwing, surfboard meltdowns and a rather nasty bikini wax rash that really could have been avoided if I'd taken the time to read the packet.

20120401_indianajune _IMG_0011

Jack from Sydney Scenic SUP set Seb, Sharne and I up with all the equipment we needed and Sydney provided a stellar Sunday morning of blue skies, no wind and a harbour as flat as a punctured bicycle tyre.

Seb is a fellow-adventurer who is working through a dazzling bucket-list and sharing it with the world via his website and Sharne is the Sydney local who suggested the challenge.

When I asked Seb if he had any stand up paddleboard experience he shrugged non-commitally, failing to mention he and Dave Cornthwaite were the first chaps to SUP the length of Lake Geneva.

Yeah, I'd say that qualifies as experience Seb.

20120401_indianajune _IMG_0017

After a quick safety briefing from Jack (while I daydreamed about being pulled on my board by a dolphin) we pushed out from Mosman, starting on our knees. We progressed to a standup position once we found our paddling mojo... so far so good. We made our way around the point and past the Taronga Zoo ferry terminal. Why pay $20 to go to a zoo when you can be entertained by half a dozen idiots trying to walk on a water? 

20120401_indianajune _IMG_0020  20120401_indianajune _IMG_0023

We went ashore and had a swim and then it was time for the main event - fishing. Jack had the rod ready to go and we baited it with white bread. I think perhaps fish prefer toast for breakfast, not the soggy white mess that hung limply on the end of my hook.

20120401_indianajune _IMG_0049

I could see little fish cruising around but they avoided me and my rod, probably because it was bouncing around like bungee cord as I tried to stay above the water. Eventually I hooked a fish and proudly posed for a photo with Seb with the spiky Sydney skyline in the background.


Paddle boarding, tick.

Fishing, tick.

Dead fish on my hook, tick.

Being April 1st I must come clean about my pescado prank. Frustrated with my lack of bites, I spotted a dead fish floating by and hooked it on, ticking all the boxes of my challenge. Is it still considered 'catching' a fish if you scoop a dead fish out of the water with your bare hands? Ok, maybe Jack did the scooping but that really is me holding the rod.

20120401_indianajune _IMG_0084

We couldn't have asked for better weather or a more picturesque postcard-perfect opportunity to walk on water. Thanks to everyone who turned up, Jack from Sydney Scenic SUP and a special mention to my cousin Gareth who creeped around and took photos of us from the bushes with his giant lense.

20120401_indianajune _IMG_0082

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