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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Forward and upside down thinking in Rotorua

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Roll in the mud: in a thick and sticky thermal mud bath at Hellsgate.

Suggested By: Michelle Laws in Brisbane, AUS
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Race a Schweeb: A cycle monorail adventure at Agroventures.

Suggested By: Tracey Burton in Rotorua, NZ
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Craters of the Moon: A mountain biking trail in the Wairakei Forest

Suggested By: Toni Wilson in Wellington, NZ
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Head for the Red hills: A truly iconic mountain bike ride.

Suggested By: Dr. Roz in Canterbury, UK
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Kiwi's have a reputation for being able to fix, make or do anything they set their heart on, I guess you could call us a country of 4 million MacGyvers. (The intelligent, optimistic, laid-back, resourceful secret agent played by Richard Dean Anderson) While visiting Rotorua, in the central north island I came across three great examples of the kind of kiwi ingenuity we're famous for.

2racing   Closeshweeb

65 people voted that I race a Shweeb - effectively a monorail crossed with a bicycle that sits 7 metres off the ground. While I got to experience it's adventure application, the concept of a bicycle monorail transport system really excited me. It turns out I'm not the only one impressed with the idea. The Shweeb won $1 million in a Google competition last year for 10 ideas that will change the world. This invention has the potential not only to eliminate annoying stinky traffic, but accidents as well.

Shane, my one-man support crew and I arrived at Agroventures adventure playground just out of Rotorua city, ready to race. We were strapped into our pods, door closed and given a push to start. You're in a recumbent position (lying back) which is 3x more energy efficient than pedalling a mountain bike. The plan is to cycle your heart out for three laps in a 600 metre race. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have cycled from Taupo to Rotorua BEFORE the race and Shane demolished me with a time of 64 seconds to my 68. After a minute in the Shweeb I'd accumulated so much lactic acid that my legs wobbled like a bowl of jelly. But it was an absolute thrill and one I'd recommend to anyone who loves a clever invention as well as a physical challenge.

Massage  Doctors

After all that frantic pedalling I found my legs a happy home at QE Health for a therapeutic massage. In 1942 QE Health was a Services Convalescent Hospital providing rehabilitation to soldiers returning from World War II. Rather than just treating the return servicemen's physical complaints they took part in a daily programme of exercise, counselling, recreation, physiotherapy and spa treatments. Dr Wilfred Stanley Wallis, Medical Superintendent, Dr Reeve his deputy and Matron Watt headed a staff of medical personnel. This forward-thinking and holistic approach to health was ahead of its time and helped hundreds of soldiers readjust to civilian life.

Jeff  Stuff

After my terrible luggage experience with Pacific Blue my bike needed some serious tuning. Enter Jeff, master bike builder at Kiwi Bikes who was able to modify the frame that houses my rear wheel. It's always been a tight fit and his 4mm adjustment made a world of difference. I'd talked to countless mechanics about the problem and rather than finding a band-aid solution, Jeff went back to basics and modified the frame as well as tuning the brakes. With all these clever cookies around me I had no trouble working out how to balance my 25kg of gear on my 15kg bicycle, ready to tackle the long cycle to Tauranga.

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