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Monday, 25 June 2012

Holy ravioli revelations

For my birthday in Buenos Aires this year, I decided to have a pasta making party.  Who knew making ravioli from scratch could teach me so much about life.

Here are the 10 lessons I learned from ravioli ...


1. Pour flour on bench and crack eggs

Lesson: When beginning a new project it can seem like a sloppy mess and it is easy to get bogged down. At this point it is best not to focus on the mountain of work ahead, just the potential staring back at you.


2. Knead eggs into flour

Lesson: Dive in, pop the gooey egg yolks and get your new project off the ground with egg-crushing elbow grease. The more effort you put in now, the less lumpy bits you will have to swallow in the future.


3. Knead dough into shape

Lesson: You are going to face some sticky situations along the way but don't stop now. It might be messy, strenuous work but when you start to see your effort take shape ... it's a kinda magic. (Sing it Freddie!)


4. Leave it to rest for an hour in the fridge

Lesson:  Take time to chill out, sit back and reflect on what you have created and where to roll from here.


5. Cut dough into portions

Lesson:  Now it is time to micro-manage and break up the ongoing tasks into bite-sized portions to avoid spaghetti brain burn-out.


6. Feed through pasta machine, making it thinner each time

Lesson:  Refine, refine, refine your project until it is the perfect shape and consistency for your needs.


7. Drop filling in and put a lid on it

Lesson:  The framework is ready, now it is time to add the meat to the bones of your project. Not too little, not too much, just right.


8. Flour the pasta so it doesn't stick

Lesson:  Things will go wrong but if you plan for hiccups and obstacles you won't find yourself trying to painstakingly peel your project apart down the track.


9. Cook it

Lesson:  Preparation and planning takes up a whopping eight tenths of the process but with everything in place, putting your plan on the boil is as easy as lighting a match.


10. Share it

Lesson:  Now it all comes down to that first bite. But chances are, if you followed steps 1-10 and hecho con amor (made it with love) it will be a delicious success. Either that or your friends are too polite to tell you otherwise!

If not, crack a few more eggs and get back into another floury dust storm, learning from your past mistakes.


Buen provecho, bon apetit, 2,4,6,8, dig in don't wait...


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