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Sunday, 18 March 2012

San Francisco: Where eating is sport

I'm about to reveal three sweet-tooth experiences I had the pleasure of devouring while in SF. Just reading these stories could increase blood sugar levels to dangerously high levels so please, for your own safety, read in moderation.

1. The Jerk at the Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley

During the time of prohibition in the 20s and 30s, Bartenders found themselves at a loose end. Rather than trading their cocktail shaker for a carburetor on the Ford production line, they invented a new business in Soda Fountains. The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley aims to replicate this experience as part of a soda fountain revival across the States. Upon entering I felt like I'd stepped into a Happy Day's episode. Scanning the room I couldn't spot the Fonz but it was so busy he could have been in there somewhere.


I ordered a Ginger beer and watched in wonder as the 'Jerk' (that is the title they go by) squeezed a combnation of special essences and flavour drops into the shaker with scientific precision.


The result was a spicy ginger-flavoured potion that sat fizzing on the restored 1930s counter. The effervescent mineral waters are considered to have healing properties and apparently the size of the bubbles in the soda directly influences the flavour transferred to your tongue.

Delcious and charmingly nostalgic at a reasonable price - I recommend a visit to the 'Jerks' of Cole Valley if ever you're in the neighbourhood. And a hat tip of appreciation to Alexis and Theresa, my couchsurfing buddies who accompanied me on this trip back in time.


2. From bean to bar to blog: The chocolate cycle

ATTENTION CHOCOHOLICS: The world could run out of affordable chocolate within 20 years as farmers abandon their crops!

Get the scoop on chocolate from Ecuador to San Francisco in my latest story: /chocolate-cycle-from-bean-to-bar-to-blog.aspx

Still to come... Icecream sandwiches in Berkley coming soon.

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