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Friday, 06 January 2012

Road rules to (hopefully) live by in Argentina

This morning I saddled up, ready to cycle to San Antonio De Areco in search of my inner gaucho (cowgirl). Rather than risking my life on the shoulder of the national highway with a peleton of trucks propelling me forward, I decided to take one of the smaller roads. What I hadn't factored in was that there would be just as many trucks on less road with only a few inches of shoulder to ride on. 3.5 hours of wing mirror watching and on/off road cycling turned out to be quite a stressful affair.

The road rules I quickly discovered:

One car or truck passing in either direction = OK

Two cars passing in opposite directions = Wobbly but still OK

One car passing one way and a truck passing the other = Get off the road

Two trucks passing me in both directions = Get off the road and lean against a fence!

I seemed to get a toot every 30 seconds or so and they varied from get-off-the-road honks to hey-sexy-loco-cycle-lady toot, toot, toot, toots. Perhaps that's why the truck drivers got so close, so they could kiss my cheek on the way past?


I was forced off the road on average about once a kilometre for 60km and was super thankful for the rear view mirror I picked up in Buenos Aires. With the weight of the front pannier bags, each time I look back I veer towards oncoming traffic and find myself like a possum in the headlights.


It's now 35 degrees and 3pm in the afternoon and I've arrived at El Puesto hostel which has been full of surprises. An Irishman named Noel cooked me a potato stew and as soon as he heard I lived in Dublin for three years, he invited me to the pub for one pint. Lucky I've booked another night here as I've never seen an Irishman go for just one pint.

Plus there's a swimming pool in the backyard to ease my gringo sunburn. See the conversation below for an explanation of why they call us prawns here...


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