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Thursday, 07 June 2012

Masa Critica: Movements that move me

Hours cycled: 3

Times I rang my bell: 165

Pot holes I hit: 43

People riding with a potplant on their head: 1


Photo (3)

Right from the moment my breakfast fried egg exploded over my merino wool cycling gear I knew this wasn't a Sunday I would forget in a hurry. 

With the sticky goo mopped, Meg (my bicycle) and I were on our way to the giant obelisk in Buenos Aires for Masa Critica or Critical Mass. It is an organized coincidence, where on the first Sunday of every month cyclists unite and take over the streets, with the message: 

We are not blocking traffic, we are traffic!


My friends, Max and Nick were waiting for me and we stood around, like we were at a hot-wheels car rally checking out the bikes on show. I was wide-eyed at the array of shapes, sizes, ages, colours and creativity that can define a cyclist.

The only thing we all shared in common was two wheels and a will to pedal.

A band cranked out some rock tunes to get us pumped and the group swelled from dozens to hundreds and possibly even two thousand people.

We hit the road, wooping, whistling and chanting BICI, SI, AUTO NO! and I couldn't have felt happier. Our sheer numbers meant we had reached that critical mass where we had sufficient people power to advance on cars and cross the street. The more disgruntled drivers tooted and cursed, the louder we cheered and rung our little bici bells, the mood was infectious and giggles and woops escaped my lips as we blocked street after street.


I met another female cyclist on route, a hippy chick who was riding a normal bicycle she had converted into a recumbent machine. Next thing I knew we had swapped bicis, as is the friendly nature of Masa Critica and I wobbled my way along in a reclined position for a kilometre or two.

Potplant La Foto 5

This guy rode with a house plant on his head in place of a helmet for the entire ride. The event lasted about 5 hours, starting with the band at 4pm at the Obelisk and finishing at about 9pm with celebratory cervezas.


Masa Critica is a real-life reminder of the physical power of groups of people who all share a common passion or cause.

Social media has made the gathering of such groups so much easier and literally anyone can start a movement with tools like twitter and facebook at their fingertips.


A few years ago I started a facebook group called I have odd shaped ears and earphones won't stay in when I walk. What started as a joke, found its audience and the next thing I knew complete strangers were joining my cause and suggesting earphones designed for such an affliction.

I get heart from the notion that if I am feeling something, there is probably someone else out there who is feeling exactly the same way.

I think it is my role as a digital storytelller to make it easier for people to connect with other people and brands in a way that means something to them. 

What unique movement would you like to start or be a part of?

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