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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Indiana June needs a helping hoof this Christmas


Over the past four months the Indiana June pick-a-path adventure has seen me cycle more than 3000km over three continents, doing everything from inseminating sows on a pig farm in Limerick to sleeping in a sandcastle on the Mediterranean Coast in France - just because you voted for it!

The South American leg of the journey has begun and to keep the wheels turning I need a helping hoof from my lovely, loyal, good-looking and intelligent supporters. So far the bulk of the trip has been self-funded and while the number of stories I have to tell is increasing, my bank balance is dwindling. Camping and couchsurfing keeps my costs to a minimum but necessary things like food, travel, insurance, internet, phone, activities and gear all add up.

If you love being part of this adventure and want to see it continue you can support Indiana June by making a Paypal donation here.

In return you will get a special mention on my 'Supporters' website page and if you tell me your address I'll post you a lovely wee Christmas card from wherever I am in Argentina that day.

Happy holidays and even happier travels!

P.S. If Santa lets me borrow a reindeer what do I feed it? Surely they don't fly on carrots alone?

Latest Poll Results
New York: What will Indiana June do in the big apple?
21% Track down and visit Oliver Jeffers:
Renowned Children's storybook writer & illustrator
11% Walk the High Line:
A linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the elevated NY Central Railroad 
11% Be a NYC detective for a day: 
Part game, theatre and tour to discover some of NYC's most off-the-beaten path spots
13% Explore the City Hall Subway Station: 
Abandoned & hidden from the public for 60 years
12% Flying trapeze class:
Hone her circus skills learning how to fly on a trapeze 
30% NZ Flag + Statue of Liberty:
Bodypaint the NZ flag on her body and go up the Statue of Liberty
2% Go to Queens and find a 'Nanny' sound-alike:
Video someone with the nanny accent saying "noo Zealand, i love that place"
Voting closed | 204 VOTES
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