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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Give me a T-A-N-G-O

When you arrive in Buenos Aires there are a few things that are impossible to avoid… Inflation, dog poo and thankfully, the tango.

So what is the official definition of the Tango?

Noun:A ballroom dance originating in Buenos Aires, characterized by marked rhythms and postures and abrupt pauses.

Nearly a century ago the tango took over Buenos Aires and is still very much alive in the hearts of porteños (people from the port city of BA). There are a many options for the visiting tourist to experience Tango, there's the Tango dinner shows, like a Hollywood cabaret version that are as glitzy as they are pricey. Then there's the slightly intimidating but wonderful Milongas where locals dance 'til dawn or you can witness the Tango street performers on brightly coloured Boca streets.


Recently I met Facundo, a bright-eyed young entrepreneur who wanted to create a more intimate and real tango experience, without the huge price tag. His new concept is called We Are Tango and he runs a weekly show on the edge of Palermo. Half a dozen small tables sit at the edge of the wooden dance floor and the theatre begins as soon as you are seated, with playful banter between audience and performers.

We Aretango

The night begins with picadas, (Argentine nibbles of cheese, meats and olives) and delicious Mendoza Malbec wine. The history of the tango is explained, from Gauchos (cowboys) of old to the modern dance we know today, covering three distinct time and style periods.


You are close enough to feel the breeze of the tango dress as it flies past your cheek and the intimate setting and music keeps you locked in hypnotic fascination.

It is a show that feels like it is just for you, the dancers make eye contact and navigate the dancefloor, constantly aware of your presence.


The three piece band create the heartbeat but the dancers find their own rhythm in this passionate cat and mouse performance.

At the end of the show, the guests are invited onto floor for a short dance lesson where you learn the basic 8 step - the foundation walk of the dance. In my humble opinion, We Are Tango is a unique and authentic introduction to tango and the perfect stepping stone to attending a true local Milonga.

The Tango is sexy, it's heart-breakingly sad and is built on contradiction... the perfect dance to sum up a city as abused and resplendent as Buenos Aires.


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