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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Eat Plants. Make Friends. Be Merry.

Asado, Parilla, Empanada, Carne, Pollo, Milanesa … Two weeks in Buenos Aires has extended my Spanish vocabulary but most of the words I've learned seem to describe meat! There's an abundance of it on every corner, of every street, at any time of day you can get your hands on some meat.


This is all well and good but after a while you start dreaming of juicy, ripe tomatoes and crisp celery sticks. Finding this kind of food can be a challenge so I was over the moon to have an evening meal at Jueves a la Mesa. Run by Meghan and her sidekick Sophie, it started as a way to share good food with her yoga clients and has evolved into a weekly dinner party for 16.

The format of the evening was similar to a closed door restaurant but with a much more relaxed and informal air. There was a mix of foreign and local folk and because Christmas was just around the corner there was a festive merriness to the night.

What really impressed me was the openness with which Meghan runs the affair, generously sharing her space, her time, her creativity and her recipes with her guests. After each dinner she sends out an email with the recipes her and Sophie cooked that evening so you can attempt to recreate the meal. The menu changes fortnightly and takes in the natural bounty of food available in Argentina. Our menu included:

Starter: Cerviche (fish is substituted with Plátanos, a bigger, less sweet relative of the banana that needs to be cooked before eaten.) 

Main: A nutloaf recipe adapted be more like Christmas stuffing served with Blueberry/Membrillo Sauce, Zapallitos filled with Guiso and a Stone Fruit Salad.

Dessert: Calabaza (Butternut Squash) Pie and homemade heart-shaped dark chocolate.

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