Indiana June is the main character in a real-life Pick-A-Path Adventure story. She is cycling the globe and letting people vote to decide what she does next. Her fate is in your hands so get voting to choose how the story unfolds. Read more…

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Friday, 20 April 2012

NZ: Indy's exclusive video interview

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Buenos Aires : Argentina (At an awesome ad agency)

Suggested By: Rachel Henderson in Saratoga
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Wellington : New Zealand (to look for sponsorship)

Suggested By: Most of New Zealand
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Ahead of my flight to Argentina on Sunday, I put a call-out on twitter and facebook for questions. I had a great response and the result is Indy's first video interview. We cover everything from how many punctures, kilometres cycled etc through to porn names and electrocution!! Big thanks to my interviewer Cheryl.

indy interview

If you have any other questions burning a hole in your pocket, fire them to me below and I'll include them in the next interview from Argentina.

Latest Poll Results
New York: What will Indiana June do in the big apple?
21% Track down and visit Oliver Jeffers:
Renowned Children's storybook writer & illustrator
11% Walk the High Line:
A linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the elevated NY Central Railroad 
11% Be a NYC detective for a day: 
Part game, theatre and tour to discover some of NYC's most off-the-beaten path spots
13% Explore the City Hall Subway Station: 
Abandoned & hidden from the public for 60 years
12% Flying trapeze class:
Hone her circus skills learning how to fly on a trapeze 
30% NZ Flag + Statue of Liberty:
Bodypaint the NZ flag on her body and go up the Statue of Liberty
2% Go to Queens and find a 'Nanny' sound-alike:
Video someone with the nanny accent saying "noo Zealand, i love that place"
Voting closed | 204 VOTES
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