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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Who goes to Burning Man?

The people who attend Burning Man are a special breed. At times it felt like I was playing a part in an animated movie with some incredibly unique characters. I spent weeks trying to describe the people I met and in the end decided to create tongue-in-cheek caricatures of a few familiar dusty characters. Enjoy!


#1: Old School Burner

Overheard saying: "Excuse me, have you seen a bunch of zebras bicycle by here?"

Wears: A sun smart hat, good strong boots and very little else.

Favourite drink: Pickleback (Whisky shot and pickle juice.)



#2: Hippy Healer

Overheard saying: ""Doing this spiral dance with your arms invigorates your DNA. You're spinning, and your DNA is in a spiral shape, so it realigns it.""

Wears: Beads and jangly bracelets, a skirt or fisherman pants. Dreadlocks, bare feet. Serenity on tap.

Favourite drink: Dirty Chai Tea Latte with soy milk.



#3: Smug Startup CEO 

Overheard saying: "Hey cupcake, wanna come back to my spaceship boudair? My personal chef is making sushi."

Wears: Spacesuit onesie.

Favourite drink: Dom Perignon + Red Bull



#4: Wide eyed Newbie 

Overheard saying: "I just flashed my junk for a snow cone... this place is amaze balls!"

Wears: A goofy expression of overwhelm and a range of inappropriate and overthought desert wear.

Favourite drink: Anything that's free. Wait that's everything. OMFG I love Burning Man.



#5: Anti Establishment Crusader

Overheard saying: "Burning Man is like a self-service cult car wash. You must wash your own brain!"

Wears: Military grade boots and jackets. In extreme cases, carries a staff or wears a crown.

Favourite drink: Whatever is in your cup.



#6: Futuristic Raver

Overheard saying: "Excuse this 7:30 and G? I was looking for the Genital portrait studio....Have I missed it?"

Wears: Fluffy everything, a constantly spinning hoola hoop, fluoro wig and glitter nipple pasties.

Favourite drink: Gatorade + Red Bull.



#7: (Not so) Undercover Cop

Overheard saying: "Do you have drugs? Can I buy some? I have money."

Wears: What he thinks Burners wear. Tries to fit in wearing jeans, a tshirt and a glow stick. #FAIL

Favourite drink: Non-alcoholic beer. I'm on duty man.



#8: Acid-tripping DJ

Overheard saying: "Who wants to hear some super bad ass marching drums with voodoo gypsy horn?"

Wears: Horns. Dust Goggles. A jaw with a bassline all of its own.

Favourite drink: Psychedelic Absinthe-Spiked Cocktail.



#9: Danger Ranger

Overheard saying: "We are riding the edge of chaos, the timeless engine of creation spins with abundance. My duty is to hold that doorway open for all willing to pass."

Wears: Khaki. Boy Scout badges. Bandaids. Walkie Talkie. Tool belt. Much patience.

Favourite drink: Hydralite and a hip flask of rum.


So there you have it, my round-up of the key caricatures I encountered at Burning Man. In all honesty most people were varying percentages of some of these extremes.

The common traits I saw in people who thrive at Burning Man were tenancity, creativity and a quest for something authentic, whatever that means to them.

What Burning Man characters did I miss from the list? 


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