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Tuesday, 09 August 2011

Birr to Granagh: Miles and miles of smiles

Indiana June - real life pick a path adventurerIndiana June - real life pick a path adventurer

Distance covered: 110km (My legs are no longer speaking to me.)

Number of waves I received from tractor-driving farmers: 7

Number of toes that resemble small pickles: 10


It was sad to leave my new friends in Birr and the infectiously fun Vintage Fair but today was all about kilometres. After a fair few pints of Guinness I slept in late which meant I wasn't on the road until 11am with the daunting task of over 100km still to come. I'd made the observation that if you're a bird, rat or cat you've got a much better life expectancy rate on the back roads (if you're a hedgehog you're fecked either way) so I took the google 'walking' path. It's a bit more work on the navigation side but I saw some gorgeous countryside and the farmers weren't half bad either!

It's probably a good time to introduce you to my new boss, Mr W.E. Ather. He's a temperamental fellow and decided to really test me yesterday with three consecutive torrential downpours.

But I kept my head down and worked away and was rewarded with a bit of sunshine in the evening as I drew nearer to Granagh.

My wonderful hosts for the night, Norma and Seamus welcomed me into their home with a delicious lamb steak dinner and a Jacuzzi bubble bath to ease my aching legs.  We sat up chatting and drink wine until the cows (or pigs) came home, with my eyes almost falling out of my head I crashed out in a kingsize bed. Ahh the luxury.

This morning Seamus is taking me to the piggery for a tour and to see how it's all done. Apparently the stench is quite something to inhale and with only 3 sets of clothing the piggery might stay with me a little longer than I hoped. Oh well, I'll blend in well at Puck Fair tomorrow.

Any ideas for my new options after Puck?

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New York: What will Indiana June do in the big apple?
21% Track down and visit Oliver Jeffers:
Renowned Children's storybook writer & illustrator
11% Walk the High Line:
A linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the elevated NY Central Railroad 
11% Be a NYC detective for a day: 
Part game, theatre and tour to discover some of NYC's most off-the-beaten path spots
13% Explore the City Hall Subway Station: 
Abandoned & hidden from the public for 60 years
12% Flying trapeze class:
Hone her circus skills learning how to fly on a trapeze 
30% NZ Flag + Statue of Liberty:
Bodypaint the NZ flag on her body and go up the Statue of Liberty
2% Go to Queens and find a 'Nanny' sound-alike:
Video someone with the nanny accent saying "noo Zealand, i love that place"
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