Indiana June is the main character in a real-life Pick-A-Path Adventure story. She is cycling the globe and letting people vote to decide what she does next. Her fate is in your hands so get voting to choose how the story unfolds. Read more…

Poll Results
75% After Puck Fair... should I take a boat to the UNESCO world heritage site, Skelligs Rock where monks used to live in the 6th century meditating in beehive stone huts, perched on a ledge 218m above sea level and reached by an amazing 1,000 year old stairway.
25% Or climb up Mount Carrauntoohill, Ireland's tallest peak standing proud at 1093m (not quite kiwi high!) via the devils ladder.
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Wednesday, 17 December

Indiana June – OutTrippin: Over and out

Indiana June - real life pick a path adventurer I write a lot of blog posts. Hell, I do it for a living but this one has been particularly tough. There is no easy way to say it so here goes ... This marks 'The End' of the Indiana June pick-a... read more.

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